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Augmented Reality | Blog
easyReportPRO blog - Rainbow Vomit is NOT the Point!

Rainbow Vomit is NOT the Point!

If you think that augmented reality is just for fun and games, guess again. Speech-language pathologists use AR to support students with disabilities. Check out how AR can help your students today!

easyReportPRO | Dr. Michelle Boisvert

Productivity | Blog
easyReportPRO blog - 3 Ways to Save Time!

3 Ways to Save Time!

Are you a speech-language pathologist who is stressed out? Learn how technology can help speech-language pathologists save time, become more productive and enjoy their jobs. Learn how with this blog.

3C Digital Media | Dr. Michelle Boisvert

Productivity | Vlog
easyReportPRO blog - Discover Dynamic Templates

Discover Dynamic Templates

Dynamic templates make it easy to generate diagnostic reports that are both professional and personalized. Learn what they are and how speech-language pathologists can save time and take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of dynamic templates.

3C Digital Media | Dr. Michelle Boisvert

Telepractice | Article
easyReportPRO blog - No Child Left Unserved

No Child Left Unserved

Telepractice is a way that speech-language pathologists can provide support for students who need intervention and also help with their behavior. This articles includes tips and strategies that work for speech-language pathologists.

ASHA Leader | Dr. Michelle Boisvert