easyReportPRO Features
easyReportPRO features

Save Time, Money and Energy!

The easyReportPRO platform has hundreds of speech and language resources that are instantly customized and easily combined to create robust diagnostic report templates.

Error-Free Write-Ups

Organize Essential Sections

Match Scores, Text + Tables

Customize Report Resources

We Have The Resources You Need

Traditional templates take time to find, and mistakes happen when selecting sections and adding in data. Dynamic resources are the perfect solution for reports because they are easy to access, instantly customizable and create error-free write-ups!


Combine resources and develop diagnostic reports for any evaluation


Receptive Language

Expressive Language

Apraxia of Speech

Grammatical Impairments

Word Finding

Narrative Language

Reading Comprehension


Early Intervention

Social Pragmatics

Higher Level Language

Phonological Processing

Literacy and Language

Communication Inventories

Mild to Moderate Disabilities

Multiple Disabilities

Bilingual Evaluations

Language Memory

Language Processing


Assistive Technology

Communicative Competence


Reports That Boost Your Productivity

Create your own dynamic templates specifically for your area of expertise. Combine resources, build outlines and streamline your data-entry process to write robust, detailed and error-free diagnostic reports in a fraction of the time.

Standardized Tests
easyReportPRO assessment template view

Library of dynamic templates.

Select the assessment, enter in data and click update. The descriptive verbiage is automatically produced based on the scores and ready for use in the report.

Checklists + Tables
Create a checklist template

Describe behavior, knowledge, and skills.

Use multiple choice observation checklists to select and input descriptive text into reports. Tables are automatically created from client data.

Develop Personalized Resources
Create tables and images for a speech and language report

Create your own templates.

Use our platform structure and auto-population tools to data-optimize your reports. Material and resources are private and secure and shared only by you.

Searchable Recommendations
Speech and language recommendations search

Suggestions from clinicians.

Recommendations developed by experienced clinicians will display based on diagnostic search criteria. Easily select and add them to your report.

Services, Sharing and Support

We provide built-in tips, platinum services and monthly Q + A sessions to help you quickly learn the platform and share material.

Platinum Services

We will optimize and organize all your resources, so you can generate your own reports the first time you use the platform.

Share clinicial resources

Share Resources

Give other clinicians access to your selected resources just by entering in their email. They will be notified when they log in.

Help Tips + Walkthrough

Learning easyReportPRO is easy with our help tips and platform walkthrough. We will guide you through creating a report!