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To Weekend Work!!

easyReportPRO is the must-have tool for speech-language clinicians who use report templates. This customizable platform generates error-free reports in minutes, so say goodbye to weekend work!

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Cut 80%+ of your report writing time in 3 easy steps!

Set-Up Outlines

Customize report outlines and order your checklists, tests and recommendations just the way you need them.

Enter Your Data

With a few clicks, all the manual writing work is automated and a near complete, error-free report is generated.

Add Your Expertise

After your report is generated, paste it into a word processing system and add your expert information.

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Hours of Writing Reports

Lead to Burnout!

It is no secret that speech-language pathologists dread writing reports. Report writing is tedious and time-consuming! easyReportPRO is a platform that saves SLPs time and energy. Through innovative programming, we automate most of the writing process so you can focus on your expertise!


Dynamic Resources


Reports Generated

Wait...just two minutes?

easyReportPRO was created to help clinicians like you deliver error-free reports in a fraction of the time. With our extensive library and easy-to-use platform, you can access pre-made or your own dynamic templates and produce detailed reports in about two minutes. Then, once the report is generated, simply copy and paste it into Word or Docs for final touches!

Here is how easyReportPRO works:

Step 1. Conduct the Assessment
(or Re-Assessment)

Complete your initial or re-evaluation, observation, or screening as usual. Gather the information and score the results as you typically do.

Step 2. Enter in Your Data

After you start a report, you can select and enter data for each section. Scores from standardized tests are automatically tied to descriptive text and you can search and add recommendations.

Step 3. Deliver Incredible Reports!

Copy and paste the draft into your word processing software. Add in the identifying information and focus your time writing diagnostic impressions or expert related observations.

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial

Spend Time Searching?

Reports are essential to every SLP's job and we take that seriously! With easyReportPRO, you can spend less time searching for the right template and more time getting things done.

Ever Had Errors?

Accuracy is key when it comes to reports. We automate the process of using report templates so scores match descriptive text and tables and demographics are always consistent.

What's the Difference?

Text templates make you search, select and switch information and that wastes time! Dynamic templates automatically do all that work for you with and that saves time!

Clinicians are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting Related Service Providers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have recently said about easyReportPRO.

"easyReportPRO is a valuable addition to my clinical toolkit. It has provided me with an efficient, streamlined report writing process. The customizable templates have allowed me to focus on analyzing my clients' performance while saving valuable time."

"easyReportPRO has helped me tremendously in my practice. With so many evaluations to write, it is helpful to have a customizable platform that allows for a quick turnaround of reports. Thank you for a great resource!"

"Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing resource!!!! I am a second-year graduate student who is struggling with keeping up with reports, classes, and life - this tool is a lifesaver and also really teaching me what the main contents of a report should have."
Second Year Graduate Student

"I am really enjoying the program, it is saving me a lot of time! I'm still customizing it as I go along but so far I'm in love!"

"The ability to create my own content that I can use over and over has been a lifesaver! I can actually manage my evaluation workload this year."
James, SLP