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Report writing is part of the job, and for clinicians who use templates, easyReportPRO is a must-have tool. Our customizable platform generates report drafts in minutes, enabling swift completion within an hour. Say goodbye to long hours of writing and hello to a great Tuesday night!

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We Solve The Top 3 Report Writing Problems!

Wasting Your Time?

Eliminate the endless search, copy-paste, find-replace cycle. Our dynamic templates automate all the busywork, freeing up your time instantly.

Embarrassed by Errors?

easyReportPRO automatically populates names, genders, scores, descriptive texts, and tables, ensuring that your reports are always error-free.

Stressed by Timelines?

Surging referrals make completing evaluations on time seem impossible. We automate most of the writing process so you can meet your timelines!


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Hours of Writing Reports

Lead to Burnout!

Report writing is a relentless task! Countless hours spent on reports can burnout most clinicians and educators. Say hello to easyReportPRO; a platform that redefines report writing. By automating most of the process, you reclaim precious time and can invest it where it matters most...in your expertise!


Dynamic Resources


Reports Generated

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easyReportPRO was created to help clinicians like you deliver error-free reports in a fraction of the time. With our extensive library and easy-to-use platform, you can access pre-made or your own dynamic templates and produce detailed reports in about two minutes. Then, once the report is generated, simply copy and paste it into Word or Docs for final touches!

Here is how easyReportPRO works:

Step 1. Conduct the Assessment
(or Re-Assessment)

Complete your initial or re-evaluation, observation, or screening as usual. Gather the information and score the results as you typically do.

Step 2. Enter in Your Data

After you start a report, you can select and enter data for each section. Scores from standardized tests are automatically tied to descriptive text and you can search and add recommendations.

Step 3. Deliver Incredible Reports!

Copy and paste the draft into your word processing software. Add in the identifying information and focus your time writing diagnostic impressions or expert related observations.

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial

Streamline Your Report Writing in 3 Simple Steps

Set-Up Outlines

Customize outlines with report resources. Order checklists, tests and recommendations just the way you need them.

Enter Your Data

With resources ready to go, input your data. All manual writing is automated and a near complete report is generated.

Add Your Expertise

After your report is generated, paste it into a word processing system. Quickly add your expert insights!

Clinicians are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting Related Service Providers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have recently said about easyReportPRO.

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 4+ After: 1-2

easyReportPRO is an excellent tool! It not only saves me tons of time, but helps me feel more confident that I will not be surprised by mistakes after passing in my reports! It still allows plenty of flexibility for interpretation and analysis, but can also help your analysis by its ability to present information coherently with consistent structure so it's easier to interpret! easyReportPRO takes the stress out of evaluations!
Amy, SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 2-3 After: <1

I started using easyReportPRO at the suggestion of my supervisor after a discussion on how much time report writing was taking up in the day. I am so grateful to have found a program that helps me generate reports I can be proud to sign in an amount of time that doesn't take away from the therapy I need to be providing the rest of the day. I'm very excited to continue to use this platform.
Kasey, SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 4+ After: 1-2

The easyReportPRO platform has saved me so much time writing reports. This is a great system!
Jacqueline, SLP

easyReportPRO has saved me so much time! I can spend more time talking about evaluation results rather than worrying about formatting and retyping the student's name repeatedly. I also especially love the charts! They are easy to follow and great to use to explain to parents, teachers, and other IEP team members to discuss results.
Jessica, SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 4+ After: <1

This has made my report writing so much more efficient and it is a huge time saver. I have created a lot of my own resources within easyReportPRO that I use when I do evaluations. This took some time to set up, but once I got it set up, it's a breeze to write reports. I don't know how I have done without easyReportPRO!!!
Tammy, SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 3-4 After: 1-2

This program is game-changing! I have found so many ways to make my reports more succinct and organized.
Jessica, SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 2-3 After: <1

I used to spend so much time writing reports and since using easyReportPRO I take an hour or less. I don't worry about having the wrong name in the report since it populates the report with the name on a new template each time. It has write-ups to analyze the test scores which saves so much time and they have any test I know of. I love this program.

easyReportPRO has cut my report writing in half. As a school SLP the paperwork can be overwhelming at times. The interface is easy to navigate and the reports are fantastic.
Audra L., M.S., CCC-SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 2-3 After: <1

I really love this program. I especially enjoy the large list of recommendations you guys provide in all areas of speech and language.
Kristen, SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 2-3 After: 1-2

easyReportPRO has been incredibly helpful! As a preschool SLP evaluator, I write upwards of 100 reports a year. After the initial legwork of custom creating my templates, the easyReportPro format has saved me so much time and mental effort.

easyReportPRO has helped me tremendously in my practice. With so many evaluations to write, it is helpful to have a customizable platform that allows for a quick turnaround of reports. Thank you for a great resource!
Lori L., CCC-SLP

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 1-2 After: <1

easyReportPRO has been a game changer for me and report writing. It has cut down on time and has helped with analyzing the data. I also like the recommendations bank to choose from. I love it so much that I presented it to the whole speech department in my school district (60+ SLPs).
Audra, SLP

Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing resource!!!! I am a second-year graduate student who is struggling with keeping up with reports, classes, and life - this tool is a lifesaver and also really teaching me what the main contents of a report should have.
Second Year Graduate Student

I am really enjoying the program, it is saving me a lot of time! I'm still customizing it as I go along but so far I'm in love!

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 4+ After: <1

It took me a minute, but I've figured out (with Stuart's help!) how to customize my templates. I love the fact that it allows me to create personalized reports in less time while still maintaining a high standard.

Reduce Writing Hours with easyReportPRO
Before: 3-4 After: 1-2

This tool helps increase efficiency while safeguarding against potential oversights that occur when writing a lot of reports.
Speech Language Pathologist