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Save Time Supervising and
Focus Student Learning!

When reports are well-written, you can focus your time teaching students critical thinking skills such as interpreting results and formulating conclusions. easyReportPRO helps you do that!

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Speech Language Pathologists

Too Much Time Editing?

Graduate students must learn how to write high quality reports! However, as a supervisor, it is time consuming and stressful reviewing and editing the same reports over and over.

Trying To Teach Skills?

Many graduate students struggle to learn the critical skills needed for their profession. These skills are essential for interpreting results and writing diagnostic impressions.

How Is This Different?

easyReportPRO provides students with dynamic report templates. With productivity features built into each resource, students have time to focus on learning critical skills!

Tell Your Students About Our FREE Program!

easyReportPRO Makes Supervision Easier!

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SAVE SUPERVISION TIME when Reading Student Reports

FOCUS STUDENT EFFORTS on Critical Thinking and Analysis

Access to a Wide Variety of Dynamic Templates used in Reports

Customized Report Outlines to Include Essential Information

Resources in Report Outlines are Automatically Maintained and Updated

Unlimited Access, Downloads and Report Generation

Tell Your Students About Our FREE Program!